femininCollective of female artists (painters, sculptors, ceramists), "Feminine Plural", we are 17 women of diverse sensibility but united by bonds of friendship and eager to share our vision of the world, of life ...

> Read the press release (in French)

Read more: "Feminine Plural" from November 30 to December...

Personal show from the 23rd to the 29th of November, 2018

In her personal exhibition, Cabinet des rêves, Wanda Torres offers a very personal dream world. With a touch of humor, she reflects on  time, expectations, illusions and disillusions of adult life.

Read more: Wanda TORRES

Group exhibition from the 16th to the 22nd November, 2018


After St Petersburg, Miami, Yerevan, this year Paris is the chosen capital to present the exhibition "Mount Fuji" that we have the pleasure to present. It is a great honor for the gallery to display in its walls the first of all Japanese symbols, the Fuji-san, represented from every angle by many confirmed artists.

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Solo exhibit from the 9th to the 15th of November 2018

Naohisa Inoue projects on the canvas the images of our hearts where they become reality. His work moves many visitors. The director Hayao Miyazaki, in particular, requested his talents for the set design of his film "If you reach out"...

Read more: Naohisa INOUE

ghibliGroup exhibition from the 2nd to the 8th of November 2018 featuring original works from artists of Studio Ghibli and by the creators of Atom, Akira, Albator, One Piece...

Read more: Retrospective of japanese Anime

Solo show by Vikrant SINGH RATHORE, an Artist from India - October 26th till November 1st, 2018

This is a collection of paintings depicting impressions of the western Himalayas, traversing through the mountains of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Spiti and other parts in Himachal Pradesh, India. 


Personal exhibition from the 5th to the 11th of October, 2018

Read more: Sachiko TAKAHASHI

japonismesMINIJapanese calligraphy show from the 12th to the 17th of October 2018, featuring works by : 桑山 戯魚(KUWAYAMA Gigyo)、書家 / 木原 光威(KIHARA Koui)、書家 / 林 君枝秋山 由美(AKIYAMA Yumi)、墨象作家

Read more: JAPAN'S SOUL - "C.N.U.J". Group exhibition

Personal show of Dana Gordon's artwork from the 7th to the 28th of September, 2018

danaSee his website

Read the press release

Read more: An American in Paris

DAIANZENJI2Personal exhibit at Daian-Zenji temple of Fukui (Japan) from 24th to 26th August, 2018


Read more: Yoshie ARAKI shows in Fukui City

 anitaAnita TIWARY presents 'NARRATIVES', a group exhibition by Indian artists from the 6th to the 12th of July, 2018 



Anita TIWARY presents "MERAKI" a group exhibition by Indian artists from the 29th of June to the 5th of July 2018

Read more: MERAKI

signPersonal show from the 8th to the 14th of June, 2018

Courtesy of Gallery Agariyashiki, Tokyo

Read more: Takatoshi KURONUMA

Exhibition of Japanese contemporary art from June 15 to 21, 2018 with Shinji OSUGI, Noboru SATAI and Jun SATO organized by the gallery "Au Rendez-vous des Artistes", Kyotoark

Read more: Kyoto, Eternal elegance


An exhibition featuring works by two japanese Artists from the 1st to the 7th of June, 2018

Courtesy of Gallery Agariyashiki, Tokyo

Read more: Noriko WAKAHARA & Yoko HARIKAE

Personal show from the 18th to the 23 of May, 2018

Read more: Yoshie ARAKI - Flying fish

mae logo2webCollective show of japanese artists from the 25th au 31st of May, 2018

> See the website

Read more: Group NAU (New Artist Unit)

Haining logo27th of April - 3rd of May, 2018 - Group show of Children Artists (5-7 years) from China




Read more: Art and the Child : Kana Art Education

Group show of Korean female Artists from the 11th to the 17th of May, 2018

Featuring works by Kang kyung sook, Kang yeon geem, Kang hee joo, Kwoun nam hee, Kim myung sook, Kim sung kyung, Kim you ra, Kim Han kun, Kim hae won, Kim hee sook, Kim hee young, Roh in suk, Baik kyung won, Sung yeon jung, Oh kwang ja, Song myoung ku, Song youmi, Yang seo hyun, Yeo jong soon, Oh young ohk, Youn Kyung sook, Lee young sook, Lee hae sook, Lee hwa yong, Lim sun ok, Im hye young, Jang kab ran, Chang sun kyung, Chung kyung hae, Jung won suk, Cho jeong im, Joo jeong min, Han kyung sook, HU Jin Kyung, Hong sun hwa, Lee Hyun joo and Son sukji



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